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Who we are?

We are a team of experts in the psychological, pedagogical, legal and economic field, with over 20 years of experience. Graduates of state universities from the country, followed by scholarships, master and doctoral studies at home and abroad, but also with years of professional experience in European countries (Italy, France, Switzerland, England) we provide you with information and our vast professional and cultural knowledge acquired over time.

Cultural and scientific exchanges, in which we participate regularly with counterparts in countries where we studied and worked and whose languages ​​and cultures became friends, help us keep our minds and hearts open to multi and intercultural collaboration.

What we offer?

Our team of co-workers offers the following services to represent you at institutions for:

1. Authorized translations and interpreting (vezi paginile dedicate)
2. Detailed services to receive the Declaration of Value:

  • Certification of study documents
  • Obtaining authenticity certificates
  • Apostille of the Haye
  • Legalized copies
  • Authorised Translations
  • Notary legalization
  • Representation at the Italian consulate in Bucharest
  • Legalization

We are at your disposal for individual, complex and always personalized services!

Together for You!

Fair quality / price ratio, flexible offers and customized for each of you!

4 reasons to work with US:

Convenient and comprehensive services

Common agreement of documents shipping conditions to us and no need for you to come to our office!

Defining the steps for processing your documents, periodically information regarding your application, our services status and how you receive your documents directly to your home!

Intercultural and intra-community Experience

You will always find us open to collaboration and networking with you, regardless of nationality, for finding and creative combining the most appropriate and effective legal solutions to your requirements, perfectly usable in the countries you are about to study or profess. We take care of all processes to integrate or reintegrate you into the educational or professional reality from Romania.
We put at your disposal our experience in profound knowledge of various European cultures and also our constant interest in deepening our knowledge and offering to each of you, our clients, updated information on intercommunity opportunities.

Professional and flexible services, customized for each of you!

Because we know in detail the procedures to obtain the Declaration of Value, Certificate of Conformity and other documents requested by you, we can provide complete and accurate services of file preparation for various issuing institutions. Our translations are compliant with Romanian and foreign authorities requirements, are thoroughly made by our translators trained in European schools and with extensive professional experience in the country whose language and culture they have learned.
We provide each of you the services of a member of our team who will assist you throughout your file processing and which whom you will have a constant relation of personalized communication until the successful conclusion of our collaboration and delivery by courier of the documents directly to your home.

Selecţionarea personalizată a oportunităţilor de studiu în învăţământul românesc, cu ulterioară deschidere pe piaţa muncii europene

Punem la dispoziţia dumneavoastră experienţa echipei noastre în învăţământul românesc, în scopul identificării celor mai avantajoase oportunităţi de studiu în România (universităţi şi facultăţi româneşti acreditate şi specialităţi selecţionate în acord cu dezideratele şi interesele dumneavoastră) care vă pot deschide ulterior oportunităţi interesante pe piaţa europeană a muncii.
Dacă sunteţi cetăţeni străini, vă oferim, alături de cursuri intensive de limba română, ore de pregătire în vederea susţinerii examenului de admitere la universităţile româneşti dar şi ASISTENŢĂ GRATUITĂ pentru integrarea în spaţiul şi realitatea românească.



CV Doina Ghiteanu

General Manager


  • More than 20 years of teaching experience ( all qualification and improvement exams) in Romania and public schools in Italy (Turin and Milan) in the Romanian language, culture and civilization course opened in 2007 by the Romanian Ministry of Education, in the public schools of Italy, Spain and Belgium – Romania and Italy, 1979-2009
  • Translations, mediation and interpreting to the Rho Court (MI), Bareggio (MI) Carabinieri, Postal Police, private schools, business meetings withing some private companies in Milan – Italy – 2002-2009.
  • Romanian language course for Italian adults – private school T&T Language Center – Milan
  • Staff management and selection – Corsi di Lingue Institute of Gallarte (VA) – Itay, 2003-2004
  • Psychological counselor – psychological support for adults and adolescents – Milan, Italy, 2002-2006, periodical activity.
  • Vice-president of the Românii în Italia Association – Milan, Italy, 2008-2009
  • One of the two coordinators of the Convention “Italia-Romania: un percorso educativo comune”-Milano, 2007
  • http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/stranieri/18408.pdf
  • Informal coordinating lecturer for the presentation, publication and organization in Milan of the Romanian language, culture and civilization course – Italy


  • Master – Occupational health and performance in organizations – Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Public University of Bucharest
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Public University of Bucharest, day courses.
  • Corsi di Lingue Institute, Varese (VA) – CILS exam for the Italian language – University for foreigners – Siena, Italy
  • Istituto di metapsicologia applicata, Milano
  • Specialization course in techniques of post-traumatic psychological approach,- Milan,Italy – American courses
  • Translator and interpreter diploma for the Italian language – Ministry of Culture, Bucharest
  • Authorization for sworn translation and interpretation in Italian – Ministry of Justice, Bucharest
  • Translator and interpreter of Italian, registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Milan
  • Post-graduate courses in negotiation techniques, efficient communication, staff management and selection ( 800 hours) in Italian – Italy
  • Pedagogical high school of Bucharest

Skills: enthusiasm, perseverance, seriousness, flexibility, tenacity, ingenuity, promptness, confidence in the benefit and beauty of the inter cultural collaboration , open to anything new and own development, ability to dedicate to human beings and profession, good organizer, good tolerance of individual and cultural differences, good communication ability and motivation for team work.

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