Authorised Translations and interpretation

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Native translators/interpreters with experience in your country!

Certified, notarized and authenticated to the Chamber of Notaries


InterNations team offer you translation services, made by our authorized translators, experts in the field and carefully selected by us.


InterNations team offers native interpreters or specialized in the country whose language they speak excellent, knowing not only the language, but also the culture of that country.

Main fields: juridical, economic, financial-accounting, technical, medical

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We provide authorized translations and interpreting services in the languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovak, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, etc. (see table below).


1. TRANSLATION   Foreign language Price / page with 2000 characters, spaces included(price per minimum 1 page)
EnglishFrenchItalianSpanish 25 RON
GermanRussianHungarian 32 RON






50 RON






63 RON
2. INTERPRETING 200 Euro/day (payment in Ron at the BNR exchange rate) regardless of brakes or interpreter lack of solicitation by the client 100 Ron/hour, regardless of brakes or interpreter lack of solicitation by the client


Additional information – translation prices
Work volume / day: 10 pages/ working day for the first two groups of languages and 3-5 pages / working day for other groups of language.
Emergency Rate: 35% of translation price for orders under 10 pages, whose deadline is in less than 24 hours, or for orders exceeding 10 pages / working day.
Additiona price: 2 Ron/ page, for authorized translations in more than 1 copy
Collation price (verification of a translation made by another translator): 50-70% of the translation price, depending on the workload for each material. We can provide a more rapidly service if the source text is delivered in electronic editable format.

Information for Useful Information at Section Authorized translations and Interpreting.

Authorized translations and Interpreting

Authorized translation: can only be performed by authorized translator by the Ministry of Justice under Law no. 178 of 11.04.1997, published in Romanian Official Gazette no. 305 of 10 November 1997, as amended and supplemented. The professional recognized by the Ministry of Justice can perform authorized translations and interpreting for the Superior Council of Magistracy, Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the National Anticorruption Directorate, Prosecution, Courts, Public Notary Offices, Lawyers and Executors Courts. By signing and stamping their own translation, the authorized translator is accountable to the law and the client of the translation accuracy and fairness that must be compliant with the original.

Authorized and legalized translation: in order for the authorized translated document to be legalized, the translator must leave a specimen of his signature to the collaborating notary offices, so they can legalize its translated documents, thereby certifying that the signature is authentic and corresponds to the specimen from the notary.

Use of the approved and legalized translation: usually for translating official documents issued by state authorities: documents of identity and civil status (birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates), study documents, permits, certificates, judicial resolutions, criminal records, driving permits, etc.

Interpreting: oral translation service, simultaneously or consecutively of a conversation, negotiations, presentations, conferences, verbal agreements and so on, between two or more people of different nationalities attending the meeting. A high quality interpreting service requires perfect knowledge of foreign languages, fluent and nuanced vocabulary at grammatical and linguistic level, and also a thoroughly knowledge of cultural traditions and practices of the foreign country.

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