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Professional recognition enables the profession in another country (EU member) under a diploma obtained in the country of residence. In terms of professional recognition, distinction should be made between regulated professions and unregulated professions or skills. A profession is considered regulated when holding a diploma or professional qualification is an essential legal requirement to practice it. If you want diploma recognition in order to exercise a regulated profession in another Member State, other than that in which you obtained the qualification, it should be noted that there are EU directives governing this issue.

Professions such as doctor, dentist, nurse, veterinarian, pharmacist, midwife and architect are governed by directives which provide automatic recognition of diplomas, certificates provided they satisfy the minimum training conditions established by Community law.

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Professional recognition of qualifications (diplomas, study certificates or any documents evidencing training in the educational process) refers to a person’s right to pursue a professional occupation.

Academic recognition can become de facto a professional recognition when the degree awarded title may allow the owner to pursue a profession that is not governed by any legislation in the host country, thus not a regulated profession.

De jure recognition is the recognition of qualifications acquired in education to pursue a professional activity that in the host and / or origin country is governed by certain laws or other regulations (regulated profession). EU Directives refer to de jure professional recognition.

Romania is signatory, starting 1997, to the Lisbon Convention regarding the recognition of qualifications obtained in higher education in European region countries.

Institutions in Italy for professional recognition

Ministry of Justice: for professional qualifications recognition in areas such as law, business, chemistry, agronomy, geology, engineering, psychology, accounting, field research, industrial expertise and journalism.

Ministry of Industry: industrial consultancy professions and brokers

Ministry of Education: for teaching professions

Ministry of Health: for the medical professions

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